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One major issue students lament about apart from examination is being broke. You can sure relate with this.  Not everytime do we as students receive constant financial backing and that's why you need to create an alternative source  which is legal and at the same time won't drain most of your time.

Although if you have discovered the kind of learner you are this won't really be much stressful for you.

You might have been broke at one time or the other. But, I tell you, sincerely, being broke isn't a palatable condition. It drains you and you feel so much powerless.

However, being broke isn't the challenge but what can be done to fix it, that's the real deal.

Fortunately, that's the reason why this article has been compiled. Read on and I assure you a solution if practised regularly.


Students are one category of people who will want to look good all the time. And I tell you, looking good isn't bad at all. I myself love to look good all the time or don't you?

Yes I know, this requires a previous knowledge. But, why don't you make good use of your next break to garner all the necessary knowledge about it and give it a trial when you resume.

You do not necessarily need to own a space before you kick-start. You can begin with your friends, do home services and post your handiwork on social media to drive in more clients.


Not all students might be capable of doing this but if you can study hard those courses that seem difficult for most students, you could set up a tutorial where you take struggling students and charge little fees that would be much okay for you and at the same time easy to pay for the attendees.

Moreso, you could gather concise notes on those courses and sell them for cheap prices. You could also include tips and strategies on how to beat failure in those courses.

Remember, no matter how small the end-returns may seem, if it's regular, it's much better than nothing!

3) Freelancing

Do you have good writing skills or you're good  with poems, stories and many other whatnots, you could possibly redirect this skill and opt in for Freelancing work  for bloggers and other site owners.

Don't worry, you feel uneasy and unsure of your efficiency right? With time, you'll get better, all you need is constant practice.


This definitely requires  previous knowledge and basic computer knowledge coupled with it.

However, if you can get your acts together and do the needful, you could develop into a well-grounded graphics designer just with constant practise.

And you know what? Since at least one or two events, be it comedy shows, reunion, etc  take place every week invariably in all institutions, you stand a chance of being patronized on a regular basis if you're really good at it.

5) MC(Master of Ceremony)

Have you ever noticed that in institutions, there are divers events; birthday parties, comedy shows, fashion show, reunions, trade fair, just to mention but a few.

This is one aspect where you can make some cool cash. Why? It's simple, no week goes by without at least one event.

Now, if you are one who can face somewhat large crowd and can still flow well, you could showcase your endowment in one of those events. Promote yourself  and let the cash flow in.


Students are one good target audience for wares. We all know students love to put on what's trending.

Therefore, you've been provided with a free and limitless audience, all you need do is to tap into it and with a good marketing strategy, you're up and ready.

Don't bother selling everything. Research and discover what's trending in your environment( your institution), and focus on providing those wares at affordable prices.


It is not a new saying that without music, the world would be flat.

Music is life. No matter what part of the globe you may be, music is life and it never fades. It's always on demand, top demand most of the time.

With this known, you could learn how to play some musical instruments such as guitar, piano, drums, and many other whatnots. I'll advise you go for leading instruments.

To draw the curtain, you can try some of this tips out and see how it goes but remember, you have to understand understand the kind of learner you are so that your primary assignment in school won't be relegated.


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