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                      ADDICTION and the way out

Addiction has been a very big menace, though not having a face nor a figure. But, it has been destroying the lives of so many people silently.

In its raw sense, addiction is a compulsive need for and use of a habit- forming substance ( such as alcohol, prescription drugs, nicotine) characterized by tolerance and by well- defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal.    

Over the years, so many individuals have fallen victim and become slaves to several kinds of addictions ranging from alcoholism to smoking, drugs and the list goes on and on.

Sadly enough, most of its victims have tried lots of strategies just to release themselves from the cage of addiction but most of their efforts have been futile.

The more they try to untie themselves, the harder its grip on them. Thereby, making its victims see it as an insurmountable or unconquerable problem.

However, below are some advisable steps or principles to follow in order to obtain freedom:

 •  Recognize the problem and admit you need help :  The first step to overcoming or finding a solution to a problem is to recognize the problem.

Afterwards, you acknowledge the fact that there is a problem you need to take care of .

Most people always shy away from admitting it when a problem or challenge comes. So, they pretend or choose to go absent- minded about the situation therefore leaving it to grow .

Just like cancer, when not taken care of at the preliminary stage, it spreads like wild fire and causes more damage.

Hiding the truth from yourself or failing to admit that there is a problem you need to take care of only delays healing.

While it may not be practical to shout from the rooftop about it, It is still true that this cancerous problem gathers power in secrecy.

Being able to reckon with the problem by admitting it is important. Failure to admit the problem is often a sign that rehabilitation isn't working.

DETACH: The second phase or step is to detach oneself from materials, substances and groups of people who foster this already recognized predicament.

This may actually mean separating oneself from a sect , group, childhood friends etc.

To tell you the truth, it might be challenging, just keep your primary focus ( overcoming addiction) in view always because this might involve loosing some renowned friends, so to say, valuable resources and the likes.

Well, this is necessary because the longer you stay in an unpleasant environment, the harder it becomes to survive.

BELONG :  Socialize or get acquainted with materials( books, testimonies of past victims), substances and people ( doctors, clerics) who can immensely be of help to you in your quest-- overcoming addiction.

When you socialize or get acquainted with these sets of people that can help you in your quest, you are simply undoing the tight grips of addiction which has binded you like a DNA double helix and simultaneously propelling yourself towards victory.

Be cautious not to allow this crippling problem make you drawback in your attempt to familiarize yourself with these sets of people.

Always remember, if you hide your problem, your problem will hide you.
Moreover, it is expedient and vital to know and note the following;

1) These steps or principles will undoubtedly take time. It is quite easy to run into a problem, especially one like addiction but it takes a lot of zeal, determination, doggedness and time to totally subdue it.

2)  These steps or principles CANNOT be BYPASSED. One have to firstly recognize the problem and admit one needs help before one can be able to DETACH which undoubtedly comes before BELONG.

3)  It does not work out like magic or happen all of a sudden. From the day one begins to take these steps, one will definitely encounter some setbacks which gradually fades away if and only if one does not give up.

It is quite similar to ingesting a drug. The pharmacological response, actions and effects does not come immediately, it takes a while. It is a gradual process.

    Conclusively, these steps might seem impossible, frustrating and sometimes demanding but one should not let all these negativities cloud ones perception and determination to break free from addiction.
     This article is open to comments and suggestions.


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