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Choosing a career is a very very different thing from choosing a job or which organization to work for. In essence, a job can be considered as a trade time for money while an organization or a company is the place where you do it. But, a career is a much more bigger and indispensable concept.
   A lot of students dive into different fields of study without  prior information about what they are signing up for. They choose a career with little or no information about it.

   Choosing a career is as delicate as going into the school of marriage. It should be taken seriously and not with levity hands.
    Several parents, guardians, schools, fail to see the cancerous effect a single error can cause both to the student and the society at large when he or she plunges into the wrong career.

    Most students' view about choosing a career are limited by social, financial and economic factors. While looking at job growth and salary issues is important, surface or superficial factors such as income do not provide career satisfaction. The most important factors in choosing a career have to do with who you are as an individual.

    Carefully consider the following factors when deciding on a career path;

1)  STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Your strengths on one hand are the qualities that allow you deal with problems in a determined and effective way. Your strengths make you stand tall.

What are those subjects or topics you consider as ' a piece of cake'? Some students find calculations easy. For you, it might be essays and things that have to do with a lot of writings and less calculations.

As a student, recognizing where your strength lies  is a very good pointer to the kind of career you should choose.

On the other hand, your weakness is a quality, so to say, or feature that prevents you from being effective. Don't get me wrong, this is not to say that you are totally ineffective in some areas. But, we all know that each and every individual has a 'soft spot" and at the same time, a place of strength.

So, it is advisable that you carefully spell out your areas of strengths and weaknesses so as to have a clear cut view when choosing a career.

2) GOALS AND REWARDS: Some people love to help others directly while others crave for independence. What do you value in a career?. We all derive a sense of fulfillment in different ways.

One can be deceived by societal values into choosing the wrong career. It is therefore very advisable to pay little attention to societal values when choosing a career path.

3) INTERESTS: This is in a way similar to your ' strengths and weaknesses'. What are those subjects that catch your attention? What subject do you study at your leisures?. Which of the classes bore you and which other one interests you?

These are the questions you should ask yourself. Self-examination when it comes to choosing a career path is very important.

Your career does not necessarily have to be your passion but it should not bore you to death, either.

4) THE MARKET: This is a very important factor one needs to be cautious of when choosing a career path. The market in a way could be of help and on the other hand, have a negative effect depending on the students' perception.

When a student has just a handful information about the market and decides to choose a career path based on that little information, he might find himself walking down the wrong lane.

For the market to be of great effect for a student choosing a career path, the student has to do a deep research.

Doing research helps you begin to draw out your career path, in accordance to the several options and specialties within a field.

A deep research work on the market also provides helpful information on the different types of degrees, certification or experience you will need to enter a particular field.

Each and every individual has a unique blend of abilities, interests, strengths and weaknesses.

The somewhat lucrative jobs or professional courses and other information may be misleading because in actuality, they do not take the individual into consideration.

Above all, be very very cautious of the career you pick or choose because you are going to spend invariably the whole part of your working life in it.

Feel free to drop your suggestions and  comments.


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