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                   CHANGING THE RULES 

Sitting on the couch, opposite the easy chair, with your face wrapped in despondency. You look at the window, thinking about certain issues of life.

Your face lit by the moonlight and the hot air of the night touching your skin. You analyse, consider carefully and come out with a resolution- " It is not possible or I do not have what it takes".

This might have been prompted by several failures of the past or frustration from seeing people, most times, people within your age bracket being successful in all sort of stuffs while every of one's attempt goes down the drain.

Well, this most times comes from the fact that one might have actually been doing the same old stuff the same way and expecting different results.
 This is where the idea of being creative comes to play. Creativity is just the ability to think of new ideas, not going with the same old idea which evidently leads to a dead end.

It's not a matter of doing extraordinary things. It is a matter of CHANGING THE RULES- this does not mean going or kicking against the laid down rules( as you might have imagined).

On the contrary, it is solely simplifying the rules, still observing or being in the range of time without altering the results ( I.e quality and efficiency of the service produced).

However, some people are born to work and others are pushed into it by people around them. But doing what must be done as quick and as well as possible should be ones strategy for everything.

You do not necessarily have to play by the strict rules if you can find a way that works better, as long as it is reasonable, legal and does not hurt anybody.

Here is a story to make the topic or concept limpid;

 There was a young man who gained a scholarship to study one of the medical related courses in a reputable college.

But he desperately needed a job  because he had to have books, transportation money and the dozens of other expenses he knew he would face.

Luckily for him, he got a job ( through the influence of one of the counselors at his high school) in a motor company where he worked in the payroll office.

After completing his first year in college, he got a wonderful summer job as a supervisor with a highway crew- a set of people who clean up the litter along the highways.

Most supervisors had a horrible time with discipline problems and the workers had loads of reasons for not putting any effort into their work. "It's too hot to work today, one would say. Tomorrow, people will just litter it all up again, another said".

Moreover, the young man learnt that if each crew filled Just two plastic bags a day, they were doing well, as agreed by the other supervisors.

He then drew out a plan which entailed him and his crew( a group of five to six men) setting out early, say 6am, filling up between 100 and 200 bags a day. This will only take them about 3hours and they were done for the day.

 At first, his crew disagreed but they later saw the bright side of it. Instead of working from 7:30am until 4:30pm with just an hour break in between, they could do it in just 3-4hours and they were done for the day.
Their result surprised all the supervisors in the department. Though it was evident, other supervisors knew what they were doing. His crew was very productive and more efficient than the other crews put together.

They  worked for a few hours instead of a day and still got their full pay.
 In the light of this, it's quite obvious, the young man refused to follow the custom or strict rules since he had an alternative option which could still get the job done but with a different perspective. He was a maverick.

You don't need to continue doing the same old stuff the same way again. You could imbibe this rule and come out better in whatsoever field or career you venture into.

To draw the curtain here, it's not a matter of how many times you've tried and failed neither is it a matter of age. You can still bring up that idea, that concept you might have proposed to the board in the organization where you work and was rejected.

All you need do is re-strategize and CHANGE THE RULES making sure that it's legal and the result isn't altered.


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