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Commonly, in every organization, gathering, company, industry, sector or establishment( be it private or public), there is always a mole.

If you are a christian reading this, you will likely remember that there was someone we could also refer to as a mole among the twelve disciples of Jesus, in person of Judas Iscariot.

It is no new thing when one of such is being discovered or apprehended after a long period of time.
Definitely, the height of damage these set of fearless, heart-rending and highly dangerous individuals have done, are still doing and will most likely do  in years to come cannot and should not be underestimated.

This therefore brings us to the BIG QUESTIONS;
1) Who is a mole?
2) How do they work or operate?
3) How can one successfully apprehend them?

  A mole is a spy, a double agent( one who pretends to spy for one government or establishment while actually spying for another) who establishes a cover long before beginning espionage.

They provide information to a principal or rival agency. They do this most times for money and seldomly because they are blackmailed.

Actually, a mole and a spy are in a way similar but quite different. All moles are spies but not all spies are moles. That might sound confusing.

Well to make it clearer, a mole is a spy who works for a particular organization or agency but divulges vital information to a rival agency.

A spy on the other hand, tries to extract information from a rival organization or agency by pretending to be one of them.

Each and every mole has his or her own strategic style of operation.

However, all are in one way or the other similar and they can be summarized into the following;

a) Infiltrate the area
b) Prove allegiance
c) Juice out information
d) Report back.
a)  INFILTRATE THE AREA: Their first strategic step is to get consent or approval to join their "target site". They definitely like other  applicants go through the normal process.

After so much study and laborious preparation(s), they come in fortified with a great deal of ideas, concept and strategies in which their "target site" can tap into and in that sense boom into great success.

They oftentimes come in as the best man for the job. Don't get it wrong, this is not to say that the best guy or personnel for the job is always a mole.

b) PROVE ALLEGIANCE: In order to make their work itch- free, they try as much as possible to prove their commitment and dedication to their superiors.

Well, you might say this is not bad, or it's expected from each and every worker in his workplace.

Actually, they oftentimes do this to a fault. They regularly seek every ounce of opportunity to make their superiors and other co-workers un-do every iota of doubt they might have in them.

These secret- agents, so to say, make this top in their scale of preference thereby placing their normal routine work as secondary.

google.comThey actually do this to kill whatsoever accusation or suspicion that may point back to them when the deed is done.

c) JUICE OUT INFORMATION: After successfully achieving the first two steps above, the next on their agenda is to lay hold on raw information, files and facts such as balance sheet, payroll scheme, details of employees, advertising or marketing strategies etc.

During this phase, they become more keen, more cautious to avoid suspicions of any sort and very deadly.

d) REPORT BACK: At the end of it all, they divulge or transfer information out to the principal enemy or rival agency.

This therefore leaves their "target site" extremely vulnerable to attacks on all fronts.

The truth be told, to successfully apprehend a mole is an herculean task because they cover up their tracks carefully.

Although, a handful of measures can be put in place. They are but  not limited to;

• Get a trustworthy background check team:  This is very very advisable and it goes a long way in apprehending a mole.

This team runs a background check on every of the company's recruit, thereby cross-referencing every information gathered with whatsoever detail filled in by each applicant. This helps in bringing out to the open anything suspicious.

• Know your company's important information and who has access to it: There are several types of information that a competitor or  rival would have interest in.

It could be full details of the employees. If someone who shouldn't be accessing this information is doing so, it definitely rings a bell and that particular person could be a mole.

• Look out for anything out of place or unusual activity:  Activities which are out of the ordinary should be closely monitored.

If someone is accessing more files than usual or from unusual places like the trash can, they may be getting information for someone else or a rival company.

Therefore, next time when you encounter cases like this in your workplace, try consider these steps.

Feel free to give your suggestions and comments about the subject.


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