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               THE BENEFITS OF AWARDS--- even if you don't win.

Have you overlooked awards as a marketing tool to promote your business?

If you haven't considered putting your business forward for award nomination, you may be missing out.

You stand a chance to gain a great deal even if you don't make it to the top of the podium.

Yes! Winning a business award can up your status and enhance your reputation.

But just being involved separates your business from its peers, benchmarks your achievements against the competition and it does your qualifications no harm at all.

Of course, should you emerge from the whole process with one or two awards, all the better.

But even if you don't win, competing for an award is often a worthwhile effort that can help you further your professional development.

The following benefits are to be gained even if you don't win:

1) ' You get to shake hands' : Putting your business forward for an award gives you the golden opportunity to meet with elites from different business world.

If you're smart enough, you will advertise your products or the services you render in your organization through one-on-one talk.

2) ' Third party endorsement': Entering an award as part of a marketing strategy is an untapped marketing tool by small business owners.

An award win or nomination often serves as a 3rd party endorsement, adds credibility to your business and can be a powerful reference point for your business.

3) ' Cover story for Media': Award nights are great events which attracts the media and people from all walks of life.

Rarely will you come across any event of such without the influx of several media platforms.

Many award organisers specially arrange press coverage on your behalf, opening your business to new audiences, potential clients and to the world at large.

Additionally, you stand a chance of getting prospective clients from different social media platforms who will undoubtedly publicize the event.

4) ' Draw talents to your business': Just as groups of ants are been drawn to a pile of sugar, you stand a chance of attracting raw  talents to your business.

Smart employees will definitely be on the lookout for businesses, firms and organizations who are wise enough to be part of the event.

5) ' You stand out': Of a surety, being part of an award differentiates your business from your competitors.

It's like a raise to a higher ground different from your competitors. It makes you stand out.

6) ' Your business becomes better':  Applying for an award precedes partaking in an award.

Undoubtedly, the application process opens up an opportunity to reflect on your successes.

But most importantly, it draws your attention to your lapses. Therefore, making you redirect your effort and energy towards improvement. And at the long-run, your business becomes better.

7) ' POSITIONING': Setting out for an award helps to position your business and you yourself as an expert in your field.

This in  turn brings future contracts and clients to your doorstep.

Have you applied or recently won an award? Feel free to drop your comments.


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