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Of a truth, the fear of becoming self-employed often terminates many great ideas.

 Leaving the comfort zone and familiarity of a job and a sustainable and reliable paycheck is  a very difficult prospect for many entrepreneurs.

Yes, not to deny the fact that being self-employed has its own ups and downs. But, if you feel that you have this great idea which awaits being a reality and you are determined and very resourceful, then being self-employed offers a  way of life you will or may never realize as an employee.

Self- employment is  the state of being self employed. Being self employed is earning income directly from one's business, profession or trade rather than as a specified salary or wages from an employer.

The following is a list of 7 great benefits of coming out of the shell of your comfort zone and becoming self-employed.

In no particular order;

1) ' You dictate your time' : Time as we all know it is a priceless commodity which unfortunately for all humans is limited.

There are several jobs that consumes most of one's time and one definitely have no time for one's family, oneself and any other thing. Although, some may come with a good pay.

These jobs make it literally impossible to get our hands on something else. We get tied to it and revolve in the same routine day in day out.

But an individual who is self employed becomes the boss of his own time. He gets to dictate the time. Time to work, time to close for the day, time to take a vacation or a leave and so on.

As one who is self-employed, whether you love the steady  familiarity of a fixed schedule or you enjoy mixing it with hours that are  more flexible; as the boss of your own, you are the one in charge of your To-do list.

If you ain't the early morning kind, you can take a nap knowing that you need not set your alarms in triplicate just to meet up with your morning meetings.

On the other hand, if the early morning is your style,  then you can set your alarm for dawn and have a full day's work done before you go pick up the kids at school later in the day.

Simply put, one who is self-employed dictates the time or gets  control of the clock.

2) ' You get to work with people you like': When working as an employee, you are obviously compelled in a way to serve whoever shows up at your employer's place of business.

A customer or client can yell at you, another could pass derogatory comments and you could be lucky to get a nice client.

Be it as it may, when you are self-employed, if a client yells at you, it's definitely because you chose  wrongly. You are the one in control now, not them. You choose who you provide services to.

Being self employed then makes you become the boss of your own. You recruit personnels at will, choose who you do business with, build a team in line with your goals and personality and you definitely save yourself the tragedy of being fired or dismissed from work.

3) ' YOU DO NOT LIVE ON LIMITED WAGES OR SALARY': All employees are limited to a certain amount of money. Their salary or wages only come in at a stipulated time.

But as one who is self-employed, you do not live on a limited wage or salary. Your earnings come in regularly as far as you work and the more  you input, the more your earnings.

So, being self employed rules out the burden of longing or waiting for a fixed salary at a stipulated time.

4) ' No compulsory uniform':

Since you run the business, you may decide to work with no compulsory routine uniforms contrary to what we have in most organizations.

But, this doesn't rule out the fact that you need to look presentable when doing your business.

Unless you're meeting with a client face-to-face, you do not have to bear the burden of getting a long list of dress codes or patterns all because you need to work.

5) ' You create':  Being creative is solely satisfying. It makes you desire to proffer solution to problems and make life better. In fact, the act of building your own business is creative in itself.

6) ' You spend less': When was the last time you were stuck in traffic on your way to work? Bet you would say, few hours ago or yesterday.

Many who work in urban and suburban environments spend an exorbitant amount of fuel and time in their cars, stuck in traffic, driving to and from their workplace, trying to keep their blood pressure from rising when the pickup truck cuts them off. Not forgetting the  murderous rage in their eyes directed toward the sweet grandmother driving ten miles below the speed limit in the passing lane.

However, if you perform your professional duties from home ( a home office), you save yourself the stress of being stuck in traffic. Think of the money you would be saving!

Even if you work outside of your home, as someone who is self-employed, you are able to choose the location. And I'd for sure bet you will choose someplace that cancels the lengthy commute.

7) ' You are your own boss': Sure thing, you knew this was coming. When you are self-employed, you no longer have a " boss at the top" ruling your every step. You take control of how you work and how your work is done. You get to set the rules.

Conclusively, the lessons you learn while being self-employed and the sense of  accomplishment, overshadows any pre-existing fears of failures. To be frank, being self-employed is a journey truly worth taking.


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