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                     THE GROWTH FACTOR

Wondering why you're always pushed aside when tasks or responsibilities are been disseminated?

Or are you been removed from the equation when serious decisions that can make or mar one's future are been made?

Take it easy. It's not that you are useless or not needed.

In most cases, this painful and disheartening situation occurs just because you're missing a link in the chain.

We all as humans are ' work in progress'. When a person is not qualified for a position, he isn't promoted to the position.

In the pathway of life, there are different stages, each attracting different challenges, commitments and responsibilities.

The higher the stage, the complex the responsibilities coupled with equivalent challenges.

Considering how we evolve or grow as humans, we have 3 phases;
1) ' The baby'
2) ' Adolescent'
3) ' Adult'

What we fail to realize is that the responsibility of an adult won't and/or can't be placed on the shoulders of the adolescent and vice versa.

However, stuck in between these phases, is the  'growth factor.'

Get your highlighter ready as we consider the 3 phases;

1) ' The baby': 

Every individual begins at this phase, as a dependent.

Dependence is not a sign of weakness, as some people see it, but, rather, a sign of wisdom.

Disregarding the literal meaning ( baby), several people who are physically grown but fail to grow- up mentally are to be categorized as ' Baby'.

Don't get it wrong. As long as an heir to a throne or fortune remains in this phase, even when physically grown, is no better off than a servant, though everything the parents own will some day be his.

When a ' baby', so to say, fails to incorporate this GROWTH FACTOR, no task, commitment or serious responsibility will be allocated to him; even if he's the rightful heir.

2) ' Adolescent': 

For every phase, we have the ' growth factor'  in between.

There's a necessary measure of growth required for one to transcend from the ground state ( the baby) to the adolescent.

Literally, adolescents encounter a lot of challenges. They do things as they wish and it becomes difficult to skillfully and cautiously subdue their ever-growing desire to break free.

Yes, they've grown. But, the height of responsibility placed on their shoulders depend much on their ability to comport themselves.

A father will not give the key to his convertible to a teen-ager or an adolescent who hasn't taken up the responsibility of handling a car.

Likewise, a mother won't handover the kitchen activities to an  adolescent who hasn't imbibed the necessary ' growth factors' and retire to bed.

But, rather, these sets of people are placed under the tutelage and guardians of tutors and governors until they acquire the necessary growth factors before they can take on these responsibilities.

Several people today keep wondering why they're neglected in some cases where they're supposed to take active parts.

But as ignorant as they may be to it, the 'growth factor' required for that particular situation isn't inherent in them.

3) ' Adult' : This phase shows how deep one has  successfully incorporated the ' growth factor.'

One doesn't necessarily need to physically grow up to an 'adult stage' in order to incorporate the growth factor. 

It's all in
the state of mind not size! The apex of our perspective to reality, not fantasy.

History is replete with stories of great leaders at different strata who at the end  of their journey on mother earth relinquish their positions to someone  of a smaller stature or physique rather than an able-bodied individual.
This happens not because they hate you or don't want to see you.

But, rather, it occurs because the ' growth factor' has been incorporated to its fullness in the other person( not considering the size).

The ' growth factor' may actually mean different things to different people. To some, it's maturity, another discipline, some necessary skills.

So when next you wonder why you're been pushed to the sidelines or removed from the equation. Take a little time to think  and reflect on the issue before you point accusing fingers.

You might as well lack or fail to incorporate the necessary ' growth factors'.

Are you really incorporating the growth factor and how does it apply to you?


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