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All business owners definitely want to up their game, maximize profit and satisfy clients.

However, to make this a reality, you need a workforce that's up- and- doing.

Then the big question is- how do you motivate your staff to be more productive in order to help your business grow?

Mandating them to work all day? Definitely not! Buying them with money; that's going to birth a short- lived result even if it works at all.

Well, it might interest you to know that boosting employees morale to do more doesn't really require a whole lot of money as you may have imagined.

All you need is a little planning and then devise a method to keep your workforce happy.

Happy you say? Yes, happiness is the central point of all. When you're happy, you work faster, better and become more productive.

Having said this, let's trek through the following tips we've provided below:

# introduce fun- filled activities: We're all humans and sometimes, we need a break! Your organizational routine shouldn't be just work, work and work all through.

Sometimes, your employees do need a break to clear their heads. A fun-filled activity could do it.

Occasionally, you could organise picnics or go for sightseeing. Sport activities could also be a great idea.

#  Celebrate them: When was the last time you sang a song for your employee on his birthday or gave him a surprise gift card?

To boost your employees morale to perform better, you need to celebrate them. Make them feel important. Let them know you care and not just making sure they do what they're paid for.

Go extra length! Learn to surprise them on their birthday, anniversary and many other whatnots. Celebrate your employees!

# Be honest with correction and generous with praise: If an employee needs correction, give it. If  they did  well, tell them.

As an employer, you should always lavish your employees with encouragement and praise when deserved because people need affirmation you know. Praise is a great source of comfort and motivation for a workforce.

Tell your employees how well they are doing. Let others know how well they are doing too. Recognition is a little different from just praising someone. Praise might be done in private. Recognition is generally in front of others.

# Good communication: Your employees need more than a ' boss figure' to perform better. They need someone who cares for them. Someone who's not only interested in seeing them get their jobs done. But also ready to give a listening ear to their personal issues.

An employee having serious problems back home may not be able  do well at work.

How well do you know your employees, their families, spouses, hobbies?

Getting employees to perform better requires more than the quick exchange of pleasantries every morning. It also requires sound communication!

# Give incentives: Sure, you knew this was coming. It goes a long way in boosting your employees morale and it doesn't have to cost much!

Consider things like gift cards, tickets to the Cinema, bonuses, or a ride to the office or home after work.

These little things give your employees the impression that you appreciate their time and effort.

# Trust is essential: Let your employees know you trust in their ability to complete the task, close the deal or finish the project.

Most employers find it easy enough to allocate different tasks to employees but pretty difficult to let them handle it without close monitoring.

This simply shows that you do not trust them to get the job done. And at the long-run, dwindle their performance rate.

When you show your trust in them, they become confident and they scarcely let you down.

# Let their voice be heard: Some employers work with a kind of appearance that demands everything be done their way all the time.

With this attitude, your employees will never be encouraged to relate their ideas that can help develop the organization.

This makes everything go like a ' one - way traffic' and therefore kills their readiness to work.

You must create an atmosphere where people can say what they need to say and not just what you want to hear.

If you are going to benefit from the people you employ, you can't intimidate them into silence and miss the chance to make the team more effective.

You may agree to compromise on the final solutions but no one wins when one of you must be a mute in order for the other one to be happy.

Be flexible enough to inspire your workforce to perform better. It's important for you to allow them have a say in the company's affairs. Let their voice be heard!

But, why is it important to keep employees motivated you may ask. It's simple. Keeping your employees motivated (happy) and positively engaged to work makes you experience better performance from them.


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