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OFTENTIMES, WE TEND TO MISREAD or misinterpret the message our present predicament is trying to pass across.

So, we throw the brick of our dreams on the wall, bend and pick up the pieces, wrap it up with a thick black linen and empty it in the trash can.

No one is exempted when it comes to feeling severe pains while on the road to success. But, the cancerous error we often make is that we fail to pause for a minute to ascertain if these pains are really death pains or birth pains.

REMEMBER, a woman in the delivery room goes through a degree of pain before the baby pops out and when gold is tossed into the fire( Pain) by the goldsmith, it comes out refined.

Oh! Ajayi Caleb, you don't seem to understand how hard it is over here. I've tried everything anybody in my shoes would have done but it all went over the bar.

Yes, you hit a rock in your quest to succeed, so you quit, thinking yourself a failure.

But, have you ever read or talked to anybody who's done anything of any significance and has not hit days, weeks, and months when they had to burrow through all kinds of opposition?

I once read a story about a couple who resided in a hill next to a mountain. One fateful day, as they were strolling through a canyon, they noticed wild mushrooms which they decided to pick some.

Of course, they didn't smoke them, they cooked them. After having dinner, they translocated the remnants to the kitchen. There, was an old, lazy cat which they had. So, they decided to feed it with some drops from the table. As hungry as the cat was, it gobbled up the mushrooms in a blink.

Later on, the couple went back to the kitchen and surprisingly found the poor cat lying helplessly on the floor, foaming at the mouth and panting for breath.

Immediately, they phoned the veterinarian who seriously advised the couple to hurry to the emergency room to get their stomachs pumped.

On their return from the hospital, they made their way to the kitchen expecting to see the cat lifeless on the floor. Instead, the cat was at the centre of the kitchen with a brand new set of kittens!

Can you imagine that! What they thought were death pains were in reality birth pains!

Yes, it may seem as if your dream is foaming at the mouth and struggling to breath, when in the real sense, you're just a step closer to birth your dreams.

Don't give up too soon on your dreams! You may need to wait for it. You may need to garner extra patience and perseverance. But your patience will be rewarded because it will come to pass. Never give up on something you really want, it is difficult to wait now, but worse to regret later.

Yes, it's easier said than done, you may say or Mr Ajayi, you don't know what I'm going through or your excuse may be it's a different world here you know. 

But, do you know that someone close or next to you there has gone through something similar to what you're experiencing right now. 

As a matter of fact, some have gone through worse situations and still came out better all because they never misinterpreted the message their predicament was highlighting.

The pain you're feeling now is part of the process. It's always too soon to quit. When you feel like quitting, take a look back at the reason you started. It may be that you're just having BIRTH PAINS, not DEATH pains.


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